Wednesday, 18 December 2013


incredibly awkward pouty photo that illustrates how much i need a haircut soon

It's getting close to Christmas Day and I still have no exact plans. Oh well. It's my last day of term tomorrow and I could not be more pleased. So far college has been awful in terms of the workload and preparing for my mock exams in January. My birthday is in exam week so it's unlikely anyone's going to want to go out for the night haha!

I haven't posted much in the way of photo posts or outfits so I'm going to make an effort to over the next few weeks because I've got so many outfits I love that I haven't posted yet. Also I'm selling a load of my clothes to help fund my trip (however minute that contribution is) so I'll post that on here too.

I don't really have many ideas of what to write about on here except my personal day-to-day stuff so if you have any suggestions message me on tumblr. I know I want to do a fitness post at some point because that's a pretty major part of my life that I haven't even really mentioned much on here. I finally got around to working out today - the first time since I started moving - and it was the best feeling ever. There's less space here so I'm having to modify my normal routine but that's good! My diet has definitely suffered as I don't have things such as my smoothie maker here for my breakfast and we haven't really done a proper shop since moving in. I'll do some food posts once we do though! I get a lot of asks on my 'fitblr' about Christmas dinner and seriously, it's a holiday, eat what you want. I'm definitely going to haha.

Okay I really don't know what else to write but I felt like writing something...good night!

Monday, 16 December 2013

15/12/2013 - not at home and venting

So until I figure something permanent out, I'm essentially homeless. Due to family issues, I left home a couple of nights ago. My partner's family have been kind enough to let me stay and since his sister is at university we have a larger room to stay in. This last few nights have made me realise how dependent I am on my partner, and I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Today while shopping, my partner had to lend me money for bus fare, and then bought me a hot chocolate when I didn't have enough to pay for it myself. I have an 'allowance' off my dad until I manage to find a job (if I ever get past the telephone interview stage) but it's really not a lot. It didn't matter how many times he said he was fine with lending me money (his student loan means he has more money than he really needs), I still felt guilty - and I feel like this feeling will stick around for a while, as my financial situation really doesn't look like it's going to change anytime soon. The problem is in my area there are a lot of job openings for full-time jobs, but I can't apply for those until I finish college. Another drawback is that I don't have a car.

This means that my trip to China is also on hold and looking very unlikely. Which sucks, as that was my goal for working through my anxiety. I'm still determined to go. Again, I need a job. However today with the remaining money that I do have, I bought my own plate and cutlery (I have an issue with using cutlery at other people's houses...). It's such a small thing, but it felt so nice to actually own something. If I move out and get my own place at some point, I can take those things with me. Oddly enough, that made me feel good.

I hadn't thought about it before, but this will be my first Christmas without my family. If I can't go away with my partner's family, he's offered to stay at home and have the day with just the two of us. He suggested we volunteer at a soup kitchen since we won't have much to do after the dinner, an idea that I love.

I hope I can start to sort my situation out soon, and I hope I become more independent as a result of this.

Saturday, 14 December 2013

14/12/2013 - collection post #1

I've been seeing photos with this sort of lighting/location for ages on tumblr so I've saved them to put into one blog post. If anyone knows what this lighting is called, let me know in the comments please!!

Saturday, 30 November 2013

30/11/2013 - outfit of the day and christmas market

Goodbye November!

I went into Birmingham today to look around the German Christmas market (although it's the same every year...) but after finding it was far too busy to do anything, we ended up in China Town for lunch and the rag market looking for vintage clothes!

ring, part of a set from new look, £3.99
Coat (early Christmas present off my partner), H&M; chiffon top, £5 in sale, H&M; jeans, Primark; secondhand Docs; chain, 99p, ebay.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

27/11/2013 - lolita

“Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul. Lo-lee-ta: the tip of the tongue taking a trip of three steps down the palate to tap, at three, on the teeth. Lo. Lee. Ta. She was Lo, plain Lo, in the morning, standing four feet ten in one sock. She was Lola in slacks. She was Dolly at school. She was Dolores on the dotted line. But in my arms she was always Lolita."

Lolita is my favourite novel. I'm currently re-reading it, albeit slowly, for the fourth time. I want to make it clear now that I view the novel and the 1996 film as two completely different things, both good in my opinion. The 1996 film has made the image of Lolita into a story of forbidden love, and the whole thing has been romanticised beyond belief. Although I like the romantic imagery of the film, and the soppy soundtrack, I don't believe that anyone who has read the novel can say that this a love story. 
When I describe the plot to people who are not familiar, they look disgusted and ask me how I can read such a horrible story and enjoy it. Especially when narrated by the paedophile himself. But what people don't understand is how beautiful that narration is. Nabokov's first language is not English, which makes his writing all the more impressive. The fact that he can make the narration sound so intelligent, yet so insane, is brilliant. And as I said before, Lolita is not a romantic love story (except of maybe unrequited love) and you are supposed to feel uncomfortable, disgusted by Humbert. You are not supposed to feel sympathy, or excuse his love for Lolita. 

My polyvore set today is inspired by a combination of the original film and the 90s remake. 

gentlemen of the jury

Monday, 25 November 2013

25/11/2013 - outfit of the day

just keep truckin' on 

lovely coffee date with my Pops, to get my camera fixed (the guy in the store simply clicked something and it was all good again...) and to just look around the shops at all the Christmas stuff! :)

Sunday, 24 November 2013

24/11/2013 - polyvore post #1

Made a polyvore account for outfit inspiration, boredom and making pretty sets of my favourite outfits. These three sets are based on outfits I've worn in the last two weeks that were favourites...

dress to depress

cold days short dresses

keep it simple

24/11/2013 - outfit of the day

like an apple on a tree
hiding out behind the leaves
I was difficult to reach
but you picked me

parka, h&m, price unknown; jeans, h&m, £29.99, converse, limited edition double tongue, £70

beanie, primark, £3.50; cardigan, primark, £10; sweatshirt, h&m

Saturday, 23 November 2013

23/11/2013 - outfit of the day

Went for a lovely walk into my town today to look at all the Christmas decorations in the shops and went for a coffee and breakfast with my family. The weather is perfect at the moment - chilly and fresh but not windy, and best of all, not icy. I hate ice. Walked through the churchyard to get home and stopped so my partner could take a few photos of my outfit :)

I always look so sad/grumpy in photos!
parka, h&m, had it for years - can't remember the price; dress, asda, £16; docs, secondhand

the churchyard is so beautiful in autumn

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

20/11/2013 - bad girls do it well mix

bad girls do it well 

dope girls doin dope stuff

m.i.a // bad girls
iggy azalea // change your life
miley cyrus // do my thang
azealia banks // 212
foxes // youth
grimes // oblivion
lorde // lux 400
the knife // heartbeats
m.i.a // come walk with me
die antwoord // cookie thumper
yeah yeah yeahs // zero

enjoy x

ps. I can't believe it's almost December what the hell am I doing with my life

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

19/11/2013 - gravity

"Sandra Bullock plays Dr. Ryan Stone, a brilliant medical engineer on her first shuttle mission, with veteran astronaut Matt Kowalsky (George Clooney). But on a seemingly routine spacewalk, disaster strikes. The shuttle is destroyed, leaving Stone and Kowalsky completely alone."

For someone with anxiety and agoraphobia, 'Gravity' was maybe not the best choice of film to see. The last film I saw at the cinema was 'Monsters University' with my 5 year old cousin and my anxious fear of cinemas did not cross my mind once - I was too busy being blown away by the beautiful scenery in the film that would go over the heads of much of the young audience, but back to Gravity...

From the outset, Gravity is uncomfortable. Not in a way that will stop you from watching, but in a way that you can sense something very bad is going to happen (pretend you haven't seen the trailer and you know nothing about the film prior to stepping into the cinema). I'm sick of seeing films advertised to be in 3D yet have only one or two decent 3D moments. However with Gravity, I truly regret not choosing to view in 3D, as this is a film that was made for just that. 

We meet the team, Ryan Stone, on her first mission in space after 6 months training. Matt Kowalsky, a space veteran on his last, soon to retire and a third astronaut whose time in the film is short. They receive a warning from NASA that a Russian missile has destroyed a satellite, and they are soon to meet a meteor shower of satellite debris. Not to worry though, Kowalsky assures Stone, obviously trying to settle her nerves. However when they are met with the aforementioned shrapnel, there is a lot to worry about. Stone's tether is severed and she is flung off into the darkness, spinning and unable to stop. 

The CGI at this point is beautiful. The backdrop of Earth and its clouds silently moving across the sky, the sun rising over the atmosphere in the constant night-time of space. It's almost hard to believe that it is CGI. 

What I love about Gravity is that there's no backstory on the characters to begin with, no real introduction. You're just there, out in space, with them. Only later in the film do we get small glimpses of Stone's life on Earth, and little to none of Kowalsky's. The only focus is Stone's situation at hand - that she is in space, disconnected from Earth, with a small supply of oxygen that is quickly running out. And for a film with only one character (for the most part) there is constant dialogue, whether it's Stone talking to herself, trying to contact NASA or the brief hallucination.

It's rare for a film to be set in space while also in a modern setting and without an alien in sight. Though what's probably more chilling than facing other life in space is facing that you are, in fact, all alone. At one point Stone mutters to herself "I hate space" and after seeing Gravity, so do I.

19/11/2013 - outfit of the day

top, french connection; shorts, moto @ topshop; cardigan, primark; boots, dr martens

chain, ebay, 99p

and a better view of my make-up from today, actually lined my whole eyelid for once...

I'm also wearing a sample I got of Killer Queen by Katy Perry today, which is lovely! I give it like a 7/10, it's fruity and feminine but a bit strong for me and not...fresh enough. I like fruity fragrances that also have a nice fresh smell that doesn't give you a headache, which I feel like this might. But "review" aside, the advertising and the bottle for this perfume is beautiful!

Monday, 18 November 2013

18/11/2013 - outfit of the day

t shirt, uo £10.20; leggings, asos £9.99; creepers, ebay £12.99

ring, part of set, new look £3.99

stacking rings, part of set, new look £3.99

Friday, 15 November 2013

15/11/2013 - gap year

I'm in my final year of college now and I have no aspirations at all. None. Except to travel. I want to be able to work a job that I don't hate to save enough money to be able to travel for a while - and that got me and my partner on to thinking about maybe taking a gap year before I decide what I want to do. Hell, I might even get back and decide to go to university...

I did my research and a friend recommended a charity to me that her daughter is using to go on her gap year to Australia next year. The trips are costly (as is expected) but one particular trip caught my eye. A 5 month trip to China to teach English in either a primary school or a middle school. Evenings and weekends free to do whatever you like and travel as much as you can. I immediately decided this is what I want to do!

I have a love of Asian culture and have always wanted to travel there but was put off by the cost and the fact that, at the moment, I am a travel novice. This would be an amazing opportunity to not only gain confidence in travelling, but also be forced to learn Mandarin from the minute I got there! The prospect of being assigned to a placement where I'm the only volunteer is terrifying, as is being away from my mom and my partner for almost half a year but as long as there's internet at my host apartment (God, I hope there's internet), I can Skype and email everyday. I suppose it's time to start saving then...

And let's face it, it would make this blog a lot more interesting...

Thursday, 14 November 2013

14/11/2013 - sick day shopping

I have a cold which seems to not want to quit and, after waking up last night with cold sweats and dizziness, decided I need to treat myself. I sold a few things on eBay last week meaning I had a bit of cash to spend (I'm keeping my Christmas present budget separate...) and went checked a few things of my wishlist.

Faux fur jacket, £29.99, H&M
My lovely lovely partner has ordered this for me as an early Christmas present and I'm a bit overexcited at the thought of wearing it. I've wanted a faux fur jacket for ages but never thought I could pull one off, but fuck it, they look good and I'm wearing it. I resisted the temptation to buy a black one and decided I needed something other than black in my wardrobe.

Tiny gold and black stacking rings, £3.99, New Look
Another present, this time from my mom. For whatever reason my mom randomly bought me these and I love them! They look so cute with a couple on each hand and I'll be wearing the black stone ring everyday! The twist and rope style rings are tiny and I really doubted whether they were going to fit on my fingers but they fit perfectly and look simple and chic. I needed some more toned down jewellery for my collection and I only really own statement rings so these are perfect!

Homies t shirt, £9.00, eBay
I love this T shirt!!! Obviously I need more black T shirts in my life ;) Ever since I saw Miley and co wearing their Homies sweaters all that time ago I've wanted one, and now I've joined the club. Simple and I can pair it with print leggings, which brings me on to my other purchase this week...

Versace inspired chain print leggings, £9.99, ASOS
Something else I've wanted for ages but didn't feel like I could pull off, print leggings! I hope they fit well since leggings always seem to fit strangely on me, probably since I'm 5ft with muscle-y looking legs. Will probably wear with my creepers.

I'll post some photos of these outfits soon! Follow my lookbook (vulpecula), I only have 1 look posted currently but I'll be posting some more over the new few weeks :)

Monday, 11 November 2013

11/11/2013 - make-up post

I get asked a lot what make-up I use, and what my daily make-up routine is. So here ya go.

I'm no pro with make-up so I don't complain if I'm not using a product properly, I just use products in whatever way they suit me.

Foundation and Concealer
Before I apply any make-up at all I use a fragrance-free moisturisier because my skin sucks and I need it. I use Simple Hydrating because it's light and doesn't make me look all greasy for the rest of the day. For my foundation I use 2true (Superdrug's own brand) Matte Foundation in Shade 2. It's so cheap but it works just as well as any other brand I've tried and doesn't look cakey. 

I use 2true Concealer Cover n Conceal in Shade 2 underneath my eyes and over any blemishes I have. It's easy to blend (I don't have any blending brushes so I just use my finger...)

I've only really just got the hang of getting my eyebrows to look how I want them to, but I used this tutorial and this is basically exactly how I do mine:

Mine are obviously a lot darker and thicker than this, but that's the look I like to go for. I use a Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown and use the same concealer as before to blend.

This is the bit that takes me the longest. I use the Rimmel Glam Eyes Trio Eyeshadow in Orion. I start by using the smallest brush to coat my eyelid up to the crease in the cream/white shade. Then I take a wider brush and fill the crease and the corners of my eyelid with the darkest brown shade, and then blending.

Then I move on the liquid liner.This takes me a while to get both sides symmetrical but I tend to do a huge wing and then use a cotton bud to get them down to the size I want and neaten them up a bit. I use 2true Effortless Eyeliner in No 1 Black. I prefer using wand liquid eyeliners to brushes or pens as I find them a lot easier to use. 

I have pretty long, dark eyelashes anyway so using mascara tends to make them look ridiculous. If I'm going to use any mascara (for example if I'm not wearing any other eye make-up) then I'll use 2true Instant Colour Mascara in Shade 3 (clear).


I have a couple of favourite lipsticks that I wear, depending on my outfit. Most of the time I wear Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Fatal Red. It's a very bright red (without looking cheap) but also stays on well, I only have to top it up once or twice in the day, usually after eating or drinking. It's a bit expensive for me, who is used to paying £1.99 for 2true products, but going for cheaper red lipsticks never usually works out well. If I'm trying to go for a more natural look I'll use Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Rose Pearl, however I've been using that less since I dyed my hair red as they don't really go well together :( 

My newest lipstick (and new favourite) is the 2true Glossywear Lipstick in Shade 10. It's a gorgeous dark cranberry colour and it looks so good! I wasn't sure how good it would be, as I tend to distrust cheap lipstick, but it's moisturising and the colour lasts for ages! It's very good quality for the price :)


Okay so that's my daily make-up routine. If you have any product suggestions that I might like, comment or message me on tumblr!!

*All the prices I've listed are the prices in Superdrug, which is where I buy my make-up!*